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Dear Mme / Sir;

We have the pleasure to introduce to you Magi Tours of Egypt, Magi Tours is a well established company specialized in the cruise lines and shore excursions with a long history in the field of inbound, outbound and local Egyptian leisure sales trips with more than 60 years of experience that started as a family business in 1937 that Grow by Mr. Magdi Osman who was the chairman of that Business up till 1989 when he established Magi Tours as his own personal Company.

We have a huge and extensive experience in providing both excellent service and a very competitive tour prices, and as a result some of the Best International Tour Operator agencies took Magi Tours to be their Official Travel Agency to represent them in Egypt, Magi Tours has been handling the American sixth fleet for 40 000 people per year from 1974-1982, as well as handling French Navy from 1977-up till now, and also handling British Royal Navy from 1990-uptill now, We also was the agent for P&O Cruises of UK, Princess Cruise of Los Angeles 30 000 people per year, and British India Cruise Lines 15 000 people per year.

The Name of Magi Tours is well known in the USA and the European markets, as we provide the unique Services, such as Holistic Tours, Tailored Tours, Pilgrimage, Safaris, and Relaxing Beach Snorkel or Diving packages, with the Quick trips from all Ports of Egypt.

Your Host
Magdi Osman
Chairman, Magi Tours Egypt